Tattoo Mania
A fun way for people of any age to express themselves! 401-286-0636

About us

We are a family owned and operated LLC company. 

We started Tattoo Mania in order to share an artistic, fun & exciting way to express yourself!  Our Artists are trained to professionally apply your tattoo in a variety of colors to make your TAT unique.

*We are insured by the Specialty Insurance Agency

About our ink

             *We use only top quality body ink to ensure your TAT looks great and last up to 7 days.
             *Our ink is safe, non allergenic and FDA approved.
             *Our ink is an alcohol based body paint which is specifically designed for  airbrushing.
             *We offer over 10 different colors and mix and shade colors to make even more!

Tattoo designs

              *We offer over 900 designs ranging in sizes from x-small to x-large. 
              *We can custom design a Tat for your event  with a logo or special design of your choice. (prices vary)
              *All of our designs are appropriate for any function.  We offer a variety of children's designs, sports themes, Celtic, Asian, tribal, zodiac, dragons, animals and so much more!!!